Vitamins To Help With Hair Growth

Loss of hair, or baldness, can be the result of not having enough vitamin consumption. There are quite a few questions and variables to consider to achieve hair growth, some of which can be long-term solutions to achieving healthy hair. In a world of rogaine and shampoos, we know that waiting 2-3 months to see the fruits of your labor can seem like a lifetime, which is why we've created a list of vitamins you can take now, to achieve healthy, beautiful hair today. 


The B vitamins are a group of eight nutrients, each with unique roles in keeping the body healthy. Vitamin B3, otherwise known as B3 niacin, is particularly important for growing hair. Vitamin B6 is another important vitamin, containing nutrients such as sulfur, biotin, magnesium, and zinc. Without these vitamins, your body won’t be able to grow a full head of hair, which commonly results in balding or hair loss as you get older.


What many people fail to realize, is the importance of vitamin B. Research has shown in the past that vitamin B is very important to hair growth. Men who consume foods that are rich in vitamin B are less likely to experience hair loss. Vitamin B is an essential vitamin, and also one that enriches the overall quality and thickness of hair.  


Vitamin A is also essential for hair growth. To get the proper amount of vitamin A, you should consume fatty acids. Some examples include sweet potatos, yellow fruits and vegetables, and salmon. If you consume these types of fatty acids, you’ll get an ample amount of vitamin A that is needed to enhance the growth of your hair. If you are worried about hair loss, make sure that you are receiving enough vitamin A and vitamin B in your diet.


Vitamin E is another important vitamin for hair growth, as it stimulates your intake of oxygen and helps improve blood circulation as well. If your blood is circulating correctly, then the growth of your hair will be improved. Proper blood circulation is a key factor for hair growth, as blood is what helps your hair to grow and deliver essential vitamins.


A recently popular vitamin for hair growth is biotin. You can find this essential vitamin naturally in rice, spinach, soybeans, oats, bananas, walnuts, sweet potatos, and more. It's also found in certain hair grwoth shampoos as well. If you are using shampoo that contains biotin, you’ll be getting into your root tips faster, which will help to promote the growth of your hair. Even though you may be using shampoo that contains biotin, you’ll still need to take the necessary vitamins and supplements as well. 


If you are looking for a great multi-vitamin for hair growth, try our own Health Daily Vitamin Essential for Men or Women (see on our website HERE). We included 13 essential vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Biotin, and a superfood blend of 29 fruits & vegetables inside. This multi-vitamin has amazing benefits for hair, nail, and skin support. Daily Vitamin is known as the gold standard in multi-vitamins with amazing benefits for your immune system, digestive system, heart, and energy levels. All 100% artificial-free and USDA Organic clean ingredients you can trust. 


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